Windtempraintrend.gif Not Showing Rain On Bar Graph Anymore

Running 1037Q-B78

The windtempraintrend.gif graphic is no longer showing rain on the bar graph BUT still shows it in the text. This changed when I moved to 1037Q-B78. Was working correctly before. See attached image.


Converting the log files to data files and recreating last 31 days graphs didn’t change this one either.

The rain amounts are too small to be seen on the graph. Look at the 0.04 amount in the middle and it is just a very slim line. Check the 0.02 value out - not seen but it will be plotted … Check out the value to the left = 0.84. Now 0.01 is about 1/100th of that 0.84 value. Consider cutting that up into 100 pieces (well 84 to be precise) and you may understand.

Guessing, but the scale with that 6+ inches of rain skews the scale…I suspect your .01" is so small that it’s invisible.

I see what you both are saying and NorCal Dan I think is spot on about the 6+ inches. That’s a bit high for me and probably why I’ve not seen this before.

Thanks Guys!!