Windrun by direction chart

I’m not sure how useful this would be, but perhaps others could comment on it’s usefulness.

At the moment we have a linear windrun value, e.g. today 194.5 miles of wind have passed here. However as the wind direction will have varied over the day this may not give you much information. For example, if 100 miles of this were in a northerly direction and 94.5 miles of it in a southerly direction, the atmosphere would only really have moved 5.5 miles in the day.

So I wondered if a spiders web diagram (I think Excel calls them net charts and I’ve also seen them referred to as radar charts) of the windrun per compass direction might be useful. If the windrun/direction chart showed the same windrun in each direction, you’ve got more or less the same atmosphere overhead that you had 24 hours ago (although I realise it’s not really as simple as that). I guess it shows the wind speed/direction trend rather than just a straight line distance.

What do you think…might this be useful?

it might indeed be of more use than what we have now, it’s not so much the way the wind shifts which is telling ,but rather the speed at which it does this :smiley: could be extremely hard to implement though…

That’s a pretty good idea Chris. Maybe Brian can also use a common colour coding for the cardinal points as well as using the normal compass representation.