Wind Speed from Ultimeter 2100?

It seems that WD is displaying windspeed about 2mph less than my Ultimeter’s display… for example when I pull up the High speed from yesterday on the Ultimeter it shows 20mph, when I look at WD, I see 18.1… Maybe it was a gust, but wouldn’t that value be passed on to WD?


humm, it might be some rounding errors…
wd will use each and every set of data thrown at it from the ultimeter in theory…

Can be the output mode the Ultimeter is set for too. I use the complete record mode and WD only sees a “picture” every five seconds or so. It misses gusts ocassionally but that’s the trade off. Other modes are faster but you can still miss a gust.

the complete record mode is something like 450 bits of data
i think it will take more than 1 second at 2500 baud to come through…

Yes but it isn’t constant is it? My Weather Picture which is driven by the same output that feeds WD, updates only every few seconds. It’ll miss gusts frequently.