Wind Map for site

I live on Long Island, NY. Fisherman are asking for a wind speed and direction map that I can add to my site. Any ideas?

there is a map that you might be able to add from


Thank you- I tried that map, however it doesn’t conform to an HTML code for our software. I may be wrong, if you have some programing knowledge maybe you can see if it works on your site. It is terrific map.


I use it on my pws site but I have not tried to get it to work on template you are using

You can put the image as a insert on that template.
lots of other saratoga template uses do this


I realized after we spoke that Windy will not work with the template, however I can add the site as a link in my “flyout” menu. Did you purchase the upgraded version of Windy? Thank you.


Thank you, didn’t consider an insert …


This is an alternative to embed on your site

I have a map embedded in my Saratoga Weather based template: Willowsford Farm -

That is a fantastic looking map, did you sign up for the Premium content or is this the free version, thank you.


I also have on my site, works well.
Lake Huron Weather
I am a data contributor to them so don’t know if that makes a difference.

I did not sign up for premium content. I’m also a contributor but I don’t know if that matters. I’ve attached the php file, windy.php, as a text file so you can see the code.
windy.txt (2.0 KB)

On the site use the menu in the upper right to embed the map (widget). You can set the parameters there and it generates the code for the iframe embed.

Hi Novawx,

Thank you for your help in sending the .php file for the Windy Map.

I’m using the Saratoga templates, Northport NY Weather - Home I want the Windy Map to be the next map after the NWS forecast, on the index.php page. I copied your text file, without modification, and it didn’t show the map. I know I missing a few things before I can get it to work.

Can I impose upon your for some guidance in configuring the map to work, thank you. As you can tell I’m not good at HTML code, I received a great deal of help in constructing my site.


Hi Peter,

I suggest generating your own embed code as @Otis suggested:

Go to
Click on the Menu on the top right
Click Embed widget, which will open a new webpage and click “Allow” when it asks for your location
Configure the settings (see image below) for your location then in Step 3, copy the HTML embed code, which will be the frame you can insert after the NWS forecast on your index.php page


Hi Bill,
Thank you again for your help in my efforts to install the Windy Map. I followed your latest advise, however the map would not load.
Would you have some time to go on Ultra Viewer to help me configure the map? Thank you.

Hi Peter,

I don’t think I have the expertise to help you any further since the instructions I provided is what worked for me.
The only thought I have is if you send me the php file you created, I can try to display it on my website - that might at least let us know if it’s something on your end.


Good Morning Bill,

I want to thank you for your help, and yes expertise , to guide me on installing the Windy app. I have it working now, thank you.

I want to than you for your help on the Windy widget embed, really appreciate the advise.

You are welcome, glad I could help steer the solution and glad you got it working.