Wind energy / hours buggy?

When I open the Wind energy / hours screen in the VIEW Menu, and click Year 2003 then LOAD VALUES, It comes up with this info.

Wind run month to date: 20.7kmh
Wind run year to date: 7656.4kmh
Wind run today: 3.7kmh

Since this is March 1’st, how can the Month to date, and run today be totally different?

Sorry if I’m missing something, but this doesn’t look right to me.

Just checked mine using 9.61d & it is OK :slight_smile:
What time do you have your daily reset & was your PC running W/D
at the time ?? :o

Running 9.61c and good here too:)

Just checked mine WD v9.61c I see an aparent error. I got the following…

Wind run month to date: 42.1mph
Wind run year to date: 6101.2mph
Wind run today: 8.5miles

I also see there is an issue with the units of measure!!


Yep, running 9.61d, here as well.

There are some guys in here that can be a lot of help at times (they have helped me several times…some without even knowing it) but one thing really helps them, and Brian to help you is if your station type/Operating S/ and other pertinent info is in your signature. At the very least you know who you share your problems with :slight_smile:

Good point Jon Paul. Added.

the units are what you have your windspeed set for

i was away for the month roll over here for WD, but i thought i had fixed any problems with this discrepency
i need to sit down and do a month roll over check.
just feeling very deflated at the moment though.

I’ll bet you feel deflated with all that happened. Feb 28th was bound to be a problem, don’t worry about it. Be happy it wasn’t the 29th. But then again you have that to look forward to. Damn.

The main thing is, was you able to relax while you were away? LOL, probably not. If it wasn’t for the kids it must have been worrying about WD.

Have a good one.