Where is the Reboot menu?

I can’t find the Reboot setting dialog…

I still need to reboot 4-8 times per day in order to not get flatlines…

It seems like I get a flatline whenever the program sends a message to my pager… and a reboot clears it…,.


FTP/SETUP (Ctrl-F) - Weather report email

the sending to pager:
it sounds like a comport conflict
i.e the com port is being disconnected by the pager dialing?

i fixed up the pager not working a few days ago (test would work)

some one else with a heathkit station also reports the com port disconnected problem (selecting another com port, then the normal one gets it going again)

what weather station do you have?
anyone else seeing the flat lines like this (i…e data received light will stop flashing)