What's wrong with the real time graphs?

Every time I LOOK at either the real time graph or extra sensors real time graph they are “messed” up from that point on. Is there some magic way of looking at these and not have to reset the data after viewing them?

hi rupp,

I have the same problem

at mine the only magic way is to leave them …
after hours they are reset again, the more you click te more ‘messed’

I oftenly watch them only at my webpage, :? but it works…

i have been viewing mine off and on during the day, and its OK
but that was after a clear records was done…

i think i might know what is happening here…


ooops what is this :?
when I click on extra realtime graph the value of humidaty is 6558%
(had it ever before; changed it back with wdisplay.ini but now it won’t work)

there is another thread on this

its your solar sensor temperature reading, which is a black body, getting colder than -20oC at night…

use a new vers 9.37a now, and it should stop it over reading to the top of the screen like that

i will add a minimum temperature adjust to the extra sensror grpah…

hi all,

not realy what I expected,
I used old wdisplay.ini setting from weeks ago when it
still was working.
humidity gives 6558% in WD :roll:
changed everything at solar names…
what (graph)lines do I have to disable there

anyone can give me a hint ? WMR900H

i will try and find time to check this
the humidity value (i.e calculated solar % reading) going over 100 i need to stop, and i need to re look at the -20 lower limit beign reached

but i have to find a water leak on the farm today
been away all weekend

i will get there…

what first must first must, Brian; i can wait (have dry feet) :lol:

try vers 9.37b

hi ,

Looks much better now, thanks
(time in graph still little hussled but leaving it it stabilized)

also I set up extra graphlines resp 2 3 4 3 at set names solar
and disabled lines 3 and 4 (that was what’s doing before i believe)

one thing
at mainscreen solar = 0% (quite dark days before christmas here)
but uploaded it gives still 20% ?
windrun gives 1,2 mtr resp 1,4 mtr

something’s changing at uploading !