What's this board for?

The “FAQs” board is a place to keep all sorts of useful reference information about WD. The Moderators (krelvinaz, nikoshepherd, snowman and Vergil83) will take useful material from elsewhere on the forum and edit it to form a set of FAQs. I envisage that FAQs will fall into categories such as:

  • Common Problems and how to fix them
  • Common Problems and steps to help you find out what’s wrong
  • Common configuration queries
  • Useful or interesting tips for getting even more out of WD

That list and the style of this board will evolve as time goes on, based on what the mods think is useful to store here.

If you have some material that you think would be useful to have here, please contact one of the mods. However, please don’t be upset if they choose not to put it here. There could be many reasons why material might not fit. Having said that, I would expect that the mods would welcome any assistance in writing FAQs, so if you fancy having a go at writing something feel free to put finger to keyboard. Before you start writing anything it would be worth asking the mods if anything similar is under development…it would be a shame to waste time writing something that someone else has nearly finished.

Finally, if you’ve been pointed here in response to a question or potential bug, please take a look to see if your problem is solved here. If an increasing number of common problems and questions can be resolved by reading the FAQs here, that will help improve Brian’s life by allowing him to spend more time with his family (and maybe even more time coding and adding cool new features to WD).

It’s over to the mods now to do their stuff!