What's the name for this cable?

I need some patch wires for a project. They’re to connect the 1mm square pins on 0.1" header blocks to similar pins on other header blocks. I don’t want ribbon cable connectors though because I need individual wires to go from one pin to a different pin on the other header and in some cases to connect the pins in one header to a pins on more than one other header.

I’m sure I used to have some of these, but now I need them I can’t find them. I’ve looked for something suitable on Google, but can’t find anything. That either means no-one makes these any longer or (more likely) I’m not using the right name for search for them. Does anyone know the correct name for these, or even better know of a UK supplier of these who don’t want to sell them by the 10,000 or have a minimum


I’m sure you can buy them (I’ll try to find some), but why not get/cannibalize a socket header and make your own if it’s just a few, esp if you need Y’s or other configurations.

Jumpers #-o

Still can’t find any though…but only a 1 minute search as I have to go out.

I’ve tried pulling a connector block apart to see if I can salvage the connectors, but they’re not made with real connectors these days. There’s just a sliver of bent metal which is a push fit against the plastic on the wide walls!

I’ll have a better google later.

I find plenty with male ends, but no females yet. Good point, now I think about it the last one I took apart just had a fork contact that wouldn’t stand alone :frowning:

Do you have any of the 2 hole, pin to pin jumpers used to configure disk drives and motherboards? You should be able to make a wire connection to those, wouldn’t be pretty but acceptable to get it going on a weekend.

Hi Chris,

Not sure but is this the sort of thing you are after.

Rgds Stuart.

I have some spare if so.

~ Im sure you have checked Maplin out? http://www.maplin.co.uk/module.aspx?TabID=1&criteria=PCB%20Headers&ModuleNo=1490&doy=13m1


I looked at maplin but could only find the male to male in a completed jumper. I don’t know who sells Parallax Basic Stamps in the UK but they have heterosexual jumpers that could be easily adapted.

You can make your own using this kit. http://www.maplin.co.uk/Search.aspx?criteria=servo%20plug&doy=13m1&source=15

Might also try this. Less expensive as it’s a 10 pack but you’d need to have them shipped from the US… should be much http://www.rc-dymond.com/index.php?productID=413

Maplin and search Header connectors, they have all types.

I have looked at a number of different items at Maplin but can’t find the right thing. The headers go down to a minimum size of 2 pins, but I need to be able to connect any single pin to any other single pin, so I really want a 1-pin header. There are usually a few in PCs for connecting the motherboard to LEDs, etc, but I don’t have any old chassis lying around right now and I think I’d need a lot of them to get enough for 20 cables.

The servo plug/sockets look like they might be OK for making my own, but I can’t tell if they’re designed to fit on a 1mm pin and at

Those will fit the standard .100" spaced header pins. It is the same pin that Parallax uses on their boards. I may have some around, let me have a look.

Just looked - I have a few laying around. If you PM your address I can stick them in an envelope and send them to you.

Chris - I think you might be looking for the kind of cable you use to hook a USB front panel to a motherboard - usualls 4-6 individual wires with female ends per cable and there are usually 2 sets - 1 for each USB socket. If so, any computer shop or Radio Shack kind of store should have the cable. Usually 4-6 wires per end and wired female at both ends to connect the USB board to the MoBo.


I think I’ve solved my immediate crisis.

The first connector I need is a weird variation of a 10-pin header to 10-pin header…something like pin 3 to pin 6, pin 4 to pin 9, etc. I’d forgotten that I’d got an ‘EasyConnect’ adapter for the board I’m using and this has a 10-pin header socket on a PCB with 10 screw terminals. I’ve robbed the ribbon cable from an old 15-pin game port cable so I can make the cross connections I need.

It’s unfortunate that the 9-pin serial port ribbon cables have a 10-pin sockect on the end, but only 9 cables in the ribbon otherwise one of those would have been ideal. I tried taking one apart to re-make it using wider cable, but they seem to stick them together better than when I last used them.

I know the kind of cable you mean and I think I have one in the PC I’m using at the moment. However, the more recent examples that I’ve seen of these have had header plugs on. Perhaps the USB motherboard connectors are now standard and you don’t need the ability to connect any wire to any pin.

Crisis has returned :x I’ve just found that one of the signals I need is on another header. Grrrr.

I’m giving up on this for tonight. Perhaps I’ll think of a cunning plan in the morning.