What should I do?

I have a weather monitor II that is working fine. It is the wired version and it is about 4 or 5 years old.

I am toying with the idea of upgrading to the Vantage Pro Plus. That would duplicate some of the capability that I already have to get the solar index etc.

Has Davis improved anything with the vantage over the WM II that would make it worth while to buy the vantage pro. Is my WM II at the end of its life? (ie will it start failing soon)

I would like the solar and UV capability but do I need to do it by purchasing the Vantage Pro or is there some other stand alone solar products that will work just as well.

I would like to thank any of you for ideas as I am really wondering what to do.


you could get solar into your existing setup by using a solar sensor connected to either a labjack.com or a dallas 1 wire adaptor…both have usb options…and the solar sensor to use you can get form http://www.hobby-boards.com ,all that is supported by WD :slight_smile:
but that wont give you UV though…
cheaper than buying a davis VP…