What is meant by Night Time?

Can anyone tell me, on the ‘FTP/Internet Setup’ >> 'Web files upload times and Av/Ex’t screen, what times are excluded when you click on the ‘Do not upload at night time’?

Is it configurable?


i.e nighttime as detemined by the sunset to sunrise times

is windows 2000 going better for you?

Ah, thanks Brian. I think I’ll customise the times then, because sunset is a little too early a cutoff for me.

With regards to Windows 2000, I’m delighted, not a single problem, just keeps on going. Also, although I am running on a fairly old Celeron 333Mhz PC, because I have 384Mb of memory, it runs like a train. W2K is so much faster than Windows 98.

My other PC’s run Windows XP and I actually think I prefer Windows 2000, all the stability without all of the unnecessary extras. A good recommendation by yourself.



all the stability without all of the unnecessary extras
exactly :)

Yep, all the horsepower, none of the junk, :love4: