What do you use for Weather in the Vehicle

I drive a Truck… and have a GPS mounted in it. One thing that I’ve been wanting to do for some time is to get some sort of basic weather informaiton when I’m in the truck. Real basic stuff like Temp inside/out and perhaps humidity. Baro pressure would be not very useful unless I wasn’t going anywhere and I’m not talking about a wind gauge at all.

I can already access my weather station via my cell phone and get a good idea of what is happening there, and can access some of the weather sites via the same for some basic charts and conditions. But simple things like outside Temp, Humidity would be nice in the truck itself.

I’m not talking about StormChasing like setups with PC’s, antennas and such (that might happen later :roll:) but just really basic weather info.

I’ve seen some basic devices that have Temp for inside and out but not sure where I would put the outside probe. Under the hood would give a very false reading and if it is exposed to the sun around here in Summer would not be very acurrate either.

One idea was to take an existing OhioScientific unit I have that has a wireless remote sensor and putting the remote in the bed of the truck on one side. but it is a bit big so I’m looking for something smaller.

Curious what others might have

It would be cool to have it display on the GPS screen, but that isn’t going to happen.

I have an OEM outside temp sensor, it’s under the front bumper. It seems to be pretty good when moving but when the vehicle is stationary it generates a “bubble” of hot air that causes the temp to be overstated.


I bought one of these for my dad’s car. The temp sensor I put on the pillar between the front/rear door.

Saw one of those at Costco today… Same mfg but the unit there had a wireless remote sensor. I don’t recall if it had Baro or not though, I think not. I think it was the V2020 model. They had it for $58US

Have you spoken with Chris? He might give you a deal on one of these.
Secure with ty-raps or duct tape. Duct tape might be preferable as it’s less likely to slide up the antenna mast.

I don’t need to. I already did.

Perhaps he needs two though…one to stick outside (with a magnifying glass attached so that he can read it from inside) and the other to wear :wink:

Our old Explorer had an outside temperature gauge built in the overhead console. Now I have a diesel Jetta and really missed having the outside temperature reading. I bought a unit from Radio Shack - put my temp probe in the lower grill area - works great.


In our plow trucks at work, we have a laser road temperature sensor. The laser shoots directly at the road and reads the road temperature in real time. Awesome tool.

That’s interesting…I’ve never heard of a laser measuring surface temp. Any idea how it works?

Finally found a link.
It’s actually infared sensor - not laser.
It quite an amazing tool. If you put you hand under the sensor, it instantly registers your hand temperature.
Using it in our plow trucks is great. When you go over a bridge, you instantly see a temperature drop. We use this tool to help guide us in how much salt/anti skid to apply to the road - takes a lot of the guess work out of the picture.


Ahhh…infra-red…that makes sense.

I already have one of those… my arm is getting tired of hanging out the window. If I tape it to the Antenna mast, I’m sure I’m going to get a ration from my wife each time I ask her to climb out on the hood to see what temp it is.

She already yells at me to shut the windows because the wind messes up her hair.

Get your wife to wear the watch, then tape her to the antenna mast? Would that work?