Wh4000SE / Wh2320E Clone setting problem in WIFI

Good morning friends, my name is Silvio, I live in Italy. I use WD with satisfaction for about a year with a Wmr 200. Now I changed station and I have a Froggit Wh4000SE (Clone of Wh2320E) works in wifi without usb and uses WeatherSmart Ip. In the WD (stationless wifi etc.) options I did not understand if it could work. Thank you #-o

do you have a picture or link to the station?

HI Brian thank you!
This is mine
I think it’s a brandedFine Offset wh2350 wifi

have you tried the WH4000 station type in WD?

No, but wh4000Se haven’t USB connection.
It only use WiFi connection (It can
works without PC ) and send data to wunderground.

now i’ve tried the wh4000 settings but it does not work. Even if weather smart is running. This station is a new model and doesn’t use usb connections… it connects to pc weathersmart software via home wifi

if it was able to connect to the ambientweather.net
then WD could support it

if there was some data protocol information then I could try and support it

Hi Brian and Happy New Year!

Because I didn’t find any other related post for this weather station (WH4000SE), do you support it natively in Weather Display?
Reading the user’s manual (https://www.froggit.de/media/products/WH4000SE_English(07-2019).pdf), page 49, it does support custom website upload in WU format, like the Aercus WeatherSleuth that I currently have and working perfect with WD.

Do you know if I will be ok with this configuration ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,

yes, that might work
i do have usb support for the wh4000 (the software that comes with it needs to be running)
I would instead get a Ecowitt GW1000 station

I’ ll check it.
Thanks for the tip!