WH1080PC Questions

Hi All season greetings

I would like to know I have got Windows Vista running with latest ver of Weather Display 10.37N
I have got a WH1080PC Weather station that came with a programme called Easy Weather ,

Firstly I would like to know if Easy Weather is still needed to run ?

Secondly : My Unit is connected via USB to the main touch screen console
and collects its data every 45secs or so from the sensors ,if I shut my PC down for lets say one hour and restart it again

fire up Weather Display it seems to loose the data for that hour , is there any way I can still retrieve it as its still saved on the
Console ( touch screen ) unit
or will all be lost , hope this all makes sense ,

My station settings window all are unticked except Easyweather and Use Direct and Use standard type on the Weather station type selection window Universal Station selection tab window under the settings page

I would also like to know if anyone has got a link to make a simple add on to my unit so I can monitor Sunshine UV levels many thanks


WD can get the data without easy weather needed to be running (tick direct mode in the weather station setup)

re history data, make sure that the switch is in the data logger setup

thanks Brian , I will look at that setting.
So in theory the data will be in 5min intervals , as this is what the data logger stores it in its internal memory the (WH1080PC )
( I wish I could modify this to be every two minutes ) Im not sure if there is any code I could do with Eg hyperterminal to force it )

PS what is the Data file option next to it (*.dat) is it used for the 1080PC or is this part of the old option (orig. software )

I will have a look and get back to you


Hi All I have discovered something today with the WH1080 PC weather station screen

If users have found the screen hard to read , if u press the time clock ( tuchscreen ) Icd with a number between 1-8 will show use the + and - to ujust it to max wich is 8
this will give you a more better contrast screen

hope this helps

matt :smiley:

Unfortunately this only works from some firmware onwards, not all 1080/1081 have this option.

Hi All , the WH1080/81 can anyone confirm the bucket tip on the unit shows 0.3mm per tip , Im just a bit worried as the specs say measurments are done in 0.1mm
is this correct should it be showing 0.1 per tip or the 0.3mm as its also showing on both console ( touch screen ) as well as Weather Display

thanks Matt