Weird Time Jump in Weather Display

Hi again folks! After an absence of about two years as I sort out my new life, I have now re-installed my weather system and hey presto - my LaCrosse WS2500 STILL works after being in hibernation after being blasted on the island of Anglesey for four years! One problem though … I have installed the latest version of WD today and have discovered a glitch that I can’t seem to get to the bottom of: My computer clock is correct…my time zone is set correctly in Windows Control Panel (with daylight saving on GMT)… my co-ordinates are correct in the WD configuration (and double checked - twice!)…and yet, my WD display screen is showing up two hours in advance of the local time. I have searched everywhere for the error in my settings for the last few hours…but can’t find my error anywhere. I thought I knew WD …but two years absence at my ripe old age obviously has taken more toll than I expected! BTW - this WS2500 was purchased around 2004-5, has been blasted by severe storms for four years, and then dumped in my glasshouse at the new location for the past few months to keep the batteries in the sensors charged up…and after all that it really works well - A good piece of kit indeed!).

Does anyone have any suggestions about this time discrepancy problem, please?
Oh - forgot to mention - so pleased to see that you are still “doing the business” Brian - I’m amazed that you can still keep it up - but it is still a superb program - so may thanks, mate!
Tony (now sadly left Wales and living in Berkshire, England (spit!)

Think I have cracked it! I found a setting in Offsets, Limits and rainfall Totals which I don’t think was there when I used WD in earlier versions…I synchronised the time - and hey presto, we’re back on track :smiley:
I can go to bed now!