Weird dates after importing history.dat file from heavy weather

Well, where should I start. First off I don’t believe its a problem with WD.
What happened is after starting heavy weather program and up dating
all the data in history.dat file for the day. I closed heavy weather and started
up WD. I opened up the data logger program to import the weather data from
heavy weather history.dat file. After manual adjusting the correct date, time, and year
to match the history.dat file I decided to import the data, and this is where things got
weird. When I clicked to import the data everything looked normal. The pop up
window showed the correct time and date to the right side of the window. The correct
time and date being extracted from the history.dat file looked normal, but just before the
history.dat file finished uploading to WD the time and dates to the left side of the pop up window
showed the incorrect time and date. It showed October 19 2007 when it should have been
today’s date October 18 2007.
I didn’t think much of this until I opened up the window for the last 7 days rainfall. The dates
are scrambled.

18/10 Wednesday
18/10 Monday
17/10 Sunday
14/10 Saturday
13/10 Friday
When I click on graph history and select real time graph, it gives info for day 19 of October.
And last, when the select date to view in history graph like October 16 the graph at top might display
day 18 or even a couple of times it displayed @ character. I emailed lacrosse back some time ago about
the history.dat log file displaying current info one day ahead they were aware of the problem but said
it was a third party software with no software updated to fix problem. So here are my questions. since I’m
at wits end to try fixing the problem myself. Is it possible that WD will fix itself after October 19 or possibly
at a later date? Last most members on this forum leave their computer and WD running all the time. Whats the
best way to do this? I have windows Vista on a notebook computer. I’ve left WD minimized to the task bar and
placed computer on sleep mode. WD didn’t record any data. I’ve also just shut the lid but WD didn’t record any
data. Any help would be greatly appreciated!