WeeWX and WeatherDisplay Together

I am using WeeWX with a Tempest Weatherflow.

Could I use WeatherDisplay (on a Mac) at the same time as WeeWX or is it one or the other??

I have One Tempest WX station and have 2 licensed WD running on 2 separate PC’s, same Tempest used on 2 Raspis (4 and 5) running Weather Flow Pi console. I also have my iPhone 13 and iPad air running the Tempest app and I am about to test the WeeWX software on a Linux PC today. Also have Ecowitt GW2000 with 5 temperature sensors running on PC’s and the Apple stuff.

This goes to proof what Brian Wilson told me. Everything uses UDP broadcast messages and you could have 25,000 devices receiving the data and using it. Does not matter at all. And Tempest and Ecowitt use different port numbers so there are no collisions on your home or wifi network

The one thing I have NOT been able to do is to display the Ecowitt WH-31’s temperature sensors in the WD software. WD seem confused about reading data from 2 different UDP ports. It can work correctly with Ecowitt GW2000 hub and work correctly with the Tempest hub but not both at the same time. I have queried the forum about this and had no answer.

The problem being the Tempest has dropped its internal (house) temperature sensor. I thought I could replace that feature in WD by using Ecowitt sensors at the same time but no it does not work.

Ok - many thanks for the info