Website not reading data in report (WD and Saratota)

Hi team,

Having problems with my Kerikeri Weather Station - Temperature Detail Chart

For some reason the month of August is blank.

The data is there at Daily weather report

Any ideas why it isnt pulling through. Dont know when it stops displaying but sure it did at some stage.

Also noticed its missing data for the ends of Months second half of the year

I think that is the wrong file, probably your August month report.
Take a look at your daiilynoaareport92023.htm.It is totally different.

also sept onwards looks like its missed data

Need to check the files in the webfiles folder both the climatedataoutmmyyyy.html for July and August need recreating these files give the solar and uv, and the dailynoaareportmmyyyy.html for July to end of year need recreating again after checking for missing data

How do you recreate the files with Weather Display?

goto view > Average/extremes/reports > noaa style reports tab then select the month and year update whole month then update dailynoaareport.htm and that creates a new file
then goto detailed climate report tab select month and year then update month now and you should see if you have all te data and a new cliematedataoutmmyyyy will be created at the same time

Thanks. I got August back but Sept-Dec was all missing data for the end of the months. Any ideas why and how to stop it happening again?

i take it then that the log files 92023lg.txt to 122023lg.txt are missing the data have you ran them through WD Log Checker (
just upload them to you website so you can access them

If you ran the log files through the WD Log Checker and edited out bad data, after that I follow the procedures in the attached cheat sheet I wrote for myself. Maybe that will help?

How-to-correct-bad-data-in-WD.pdf (