website has gone all "cockahoop"--favor please

yeah, I guess I’ve been watching too much Craig Ferguson lately. :lol:

In any case, please go to my website at I need help with a diagnosis of a problem. a couple of hours ago, the pages on the site started to appear strange. some not built correctly, some only half built, and some missing altogether.

when I look at the pages being created via WD locally, all is fine. but on the site itself the pages are a wreck.

my thought is the pages are being corrupted somewhere in the ftp process or afterward at the web host.

any hints, comments pointers, etc…?

could be a problem with your ISP
what is in the ftplogfull.txt file or under view, ftp log?
any clues there?

it looks ok to me apart from the daily stats page where the wind radar image thingy is only half there

things must have started to work again now …it was not showing much when i first looked

Strange, perhaps it was an issue with the server itself? perhaps will never know, least its working again :slight_smile:

yeah. things are pretty much back to normal. still don’t know what caused it. thanx anyway for the eyeballs…