Webfiles stop updating at 12:05 am every morning

Funny thing this… This has happened to me for months now, through many versions… though it periodically goes away for a bit…

When I veiw my website online I see that all graphs and images stop updating at 12:05am… WDLive shows I am still getting good data, and I get the scheduled e-mailed reports as well…

When I remote to the WD server and open WD it opens up and shows current data, with the Main graphs being correct… BUT if I try to click on ANYTHING, the program freezes and then shuts down. I can then restart it and things are fine again until 12:05 the next morning.

Is there any way to auto restart WD at say 12:10 each morning for me?

I just selected run WD as a Windows Service… does WD then run and create all the images and files and such WITHOUT the GUI running?? If this is the case I may be able to script a service restart at 12:10…


couple of things:
maybe its the averages/extreme that is tripping it up
and or check under help, about, that you do not have ticked anything to do with free memory
also, if you have the data back up in use, that is now working OK with the latest version

or it could be the calculation of the the averages from your data
as a test, back up, then delete all the older months datafiles (i.e month92004.inf) and earlier)
it could be one of them is corrupted
as the caculation of the averages data is done at 1 minute past midnight, and then again at 1 minute past midday

Since adding the 1-wire back into the setup I find that the problem that was occuring at 12:05 every morning now occurs maybe every hour or so… seems that possibly it’s a resource issue?? The funny thing is that the main GUI stays up and functional and the WDL data stays current… but the website graphics just stop… then when I go back to the main WD GUI, the second I press or click on ANYTHING on that GUI the whole things shuts down and I have to start over…

check the file programerrorlog.txt for any errorrs?
also, make sure you dont have ticked anything to do with free memory under help, about?

when this happens again
check the dallas 1 wire setup
there might be lots of errors there
leo reports a similar problem with the , use dallas 1 wire as wll
that started a few weeks ago, after 10.18
i am not sure yet what is wrong
but it seemed to start with the addition of support for the leaf and soil moisture and or the change and improvement for the aag baro