Webcam stops after midnight

Hi Brian

My webcam stops capturing after midnight
last capture is from 00.50 h and then same picture
till at setup webcam:
black screen but
test and preview are ok and producing webimage.gif
the webimage.gif makes an animatedwebcam.gif as normal at day

I started at/after vers 9.86e
and updating to directx9
back to V9.82 but no changes
directx9 tests are good
memory 58% after 3 days nonstop Win2k
properties about my Creative Labs: works correct
Test camera at connected camera: ok

What tasks from WD are starting at/after +/- 00.30 h that my camera
stops capturing ?

tried evrything at settings but… noppo niente
I don’t give up but
now I’m out of trying

greetings from Holland Netherlands
no rain for weeks but cloudy now

not sure whats going on there, but check under view, program error log, for any entries there after it stops…
thats one place to look…
i have not noticed this, now running the latest myself (i will know 2 nite)

hmm this morning it worked correct
vers 980c
in prog err log only this

final_data[0]:=3 ;
final_data[0]:=2 ;
final_data[1]:=35 ;
final_data[2]:=232 ;
final_data[3]:=1 ;
final_data[4]:=5 ;
final_data[5]:=21 ;
final_data[6]:=0 ;
final_data[7]:=133 ;
final_data[8]:=17 ;
final_data[9]:=13 ;
final_data[10]:=130 ;
final_data[11]:=128 ;
final_data[12]:=0 ;
final_data[13]:=0 ;
final_data[14]:=112 ;
final_data[15]:=0 ;
final_data[16]:=70 ;
final_data[17]:=113 ;
final_data[18]:=88 ;
final_data[19]:=69 ;
final_data[20]:=69 ;

etc etc its a very long list !
dont know has something to do with it
ok tomorrow if it keeps working
I try latest vers again
I keep in touch about it

heck, that is some bebug info i put there…