Web Page

I am trying to get the web page to only have the forecast and dials on it. That is all I have clicked on the web page setup screens #1 and #2. However, what I get is the forecast box, dials, a url link to click for previous weather and an out of dat sunrise/sunset graphic. I have cleared everything out of my web site and still I get this.

Is there another page somewhere, where I also need to make changes because I am a loss to understand why I have all this extra information on the default web page, unless of course its suppose to be there.


yes, they are there by default
you can delete the links from datahtm3.txt
and if you tick let me manage datahtm2.txt, you can delete the lines of html code you dont want from that file too

Thanks very much Brian. Have now got the page just how I wanted it. That’s rather neat how you can customize it like that.

Lilian :slight_smile: