Web page

I am having trouble connecting to my default webpage. When it does load up alot of the weather icons is missing. My WD live loads up most of the time I go to it. Does this have something to do with WD or it a issue with internet provider?

try, ticking, rename the file, in the connections setup, in the ftp internet setup (as long as your web server supports that)

Well the webpage will now load but there are a few icons still not showing.

the first missing one is the sunmoonimage
do you have wd set to do the averages/extremes upload (see in the web upload times)
and is wd running during the night?
the 2nd missing one is the 5 day forecast
have you selected the downloaded forecast file to use for that and then set the 5 day forecast to upload?

I have Wd set to upload at nite and yes to your other questions.

i would suggest you do not have the 5 day forecast setup correctly, as thats why it is not working
maybe zip and email me your settings files

Ok I found out my problem. Norton Anti-Virus was getting in the way of WD doing its job. I deleted Norton and installed a different ant-virus sofware. Everything is working fine now! I have one more question about my webpages though. Is there a way to change the color of the font that WD uploads to my pages?
Thanks. :smiley:

i sure do see alot of posts of people having trouble with norton…
i recommend zone alarm

for the font, yes, should be able to, in the webfiles/web page setup, setup #2…check there