Web page help!


When I enter my web page address only the Current Conditions screen shows up. Not my entire web page. You can hit refresh and it will then show the entire web page. Problem is when people visit my web site they won’t know to hit refresh. I tried using meta… for refresh but it does not matter. Here is my web site. Can any one help me? btw, I looked at the source code for other people’s web sites and they look the same as mine.


Thanks in advance,

I accessed your page and everything showed up immediately, no problems, no need to refresh, on w2k with IE 6.0 on a high speed connection.

The refresh tag in the default page is


I didn’t see that in a quick look at your source but probably a good idea to add it so the page updates.

Thanks. I had the refresh tag in there, but took it out thinking it would help.

On a side note. This was my first post and I could not believe how fast I received the email that there was a reply to my post! Good deal! and thanks for replying nikoshepherd.


You’ll find a bunch of helpful people on here, and Brian, the author of the software, is just outstanding.

Loaded right up for me also.
Debian Linux & Mozilla browser.