Web Cams

Does anyone have any experience using the D-Link DCS-900W (or the non-wireless version) with WD? I haven’t purchased one yet, but am considering it. As this is an ethernet-enabled camera, and has a built-in web server, I can’t fathom how to get WD to take ‘snapshots’ with it. I can’t even really decide if the IPView Lite software that they give you with it will allow taking snapshots. All I can really tell for sure is that it will allow capturing AVI video (somehow).

maybe image salsa will work with it, and then you get that to do lots…and have it created a snap shot file, that wd can use…

i have a d link 350, and it works directly with wd (make sure you have the file save switch ON before you click on save settings (and also tick , restore settings next time (these are just safe gaurds, to avoid people setting it up , finding it doesnt work, and then wondering why it goes bely up next time))

i have fixed a bug with the data.csv file for image salsa in 10.18x
that was stopped image salsa from reading the data.
thanks to a user who found out what was wrong ( i was setting the seconds as milliseconds instead of seconds)