Web address incorrect to download pws

Hi. Trying to download pws to upload to my new site but it’s not taking my website address. https://llanelliweather.000webhostapp.com/
What am i doing wrong?

Hi Steve,

Sorry for the problems.
I checked the log and all seems OK, but the download will not start.

Please use another website f.i. your current web-site.

The website name is only used to check if there are problems but your site looks OK.


Ok thanks. Re- did the form and now got the link…but access forbidden when i click it. :slightly_frowning_face:

No idea, do not see your request in the log either.

I sent you a download link by a forum-mail

That should work, otherwise I have to dig deeper.


No Wim. I’m waiting for delivery of a new WiFi Logger for my Davis Vue. When that’s set up i’ll click on the link you sent me and upload to my site and set up PWS

OK, a bypass link is only open for 15 minutes, so it does not exsts anymore.

Next time you are ready and willing to download you can check if it works in the normal procedure.


Ok Wim will do