weather warnings

would it be possible to select what to be sent, rather than all conditions?
Just what the warning was?
With a pager or email on phone , all conditions are too much. But for example high inside temp, then just that warning ?

you can set that in the email to pager setup, and set the email to send to, and tick use the subject line only

is there any way to do that when being emailed to a cell phone. My phone will accept 150 character messages. When the message exceeds that then it may be as many as 5 or 6 emails, one after another, each with its notification. kind of boring after a while

Hi ,
Yes you can , make a .txt file called customemailwarninig.txt in de web folder
.inside you can customize the e-mail warning like this
%time% %tempinmetric%-%dirlabel% %gstspd% f%10minuteavspeedbft%
or wherever you want ,then choose use a email subject line .
hope it helps you