Weather Trends - Last Months Data

My weather trends is not showing last months compare with this month. Is there a way to fix this? I do not know where WD stores/retrieves this info…


wd gets that from the datafiles…i.e last months data file
i.e month82004.inf
make sure that file exists
but also,wd needs to be able to find the current time/day in that file last month…if that data is missing, it wont show it…
so maybe the data is missing…keep an eye on it, it might come correct tomorrow?

The file ‘month82004.inf’ is present, 1482KB in size, last written on 09012004, but when I open it with notepad I don’t see data. Tried the same thing with the ‘’ file and see ‘data’.

Is there a way to view the data? If I can’t read the file I don’t know if there is a current time/day…

Is there a way to fix the file?

My previous post links directly to my trends.gif file and the data is still missing today :frowning:


I had an “empty” data file for April 2004 and Brian told me to do the convert log files to graphs function and select the April log file - I also had to delete the data file first to get the data back in the file as it was recreated.

after that you would need to do the convert logs to graphs function again for September to get WD back to displaying current data.

you cant view it, because its a binary file
but, via view, graph history, go back to last month, and then click on this day last month, and see if there is data…
if not, then do the convert logfiles to graphs, to reserect the data, as bristolwx says

Thanks. The convert log file worked great. Seems to be a common problem as I lost power today during a thunderstorm (yep, finally got some rain & hail today) and had to convert this months data as well since the graphs came up blank when I re-started. Think I better invest in a UPS for this computer :slight_smile: