Weather Tempest using Raspberry PI

I am attempting to integrate a Tempest weather station using a Raspberry PI3B+ and having difficulty locating any information about it’s use with Weather Display. Is there any info lurking around that might give me some clues. I have been thru the forums several times and believe thae software is loaded correctly, but haven’t figured out how Weather Display communicates with the PI to get information. I don’t see how the PI communicates with the weather station…Any help would be appreciated

you should just be able to first exit consolewd then select the weatherflow/tempest station type in the config.html file, and also set your weatheflow staton ID (eg 27100) ,save those settings, then copy that created
config.txt in the downloads folder to your consolewd location then run consolewd

I just tested with my tempest and its working
consolewd picks up the udp data
(on the same wifi network that the weatherflow/tempest is on)
make sure to run it like
sudo ./consolewd

thank you, I will try that. I was trying to figure out how weather display got the data, now i will look at the udp info.

thanks again

I seem to have it configured correctly as I am seeing data in my terminal window but it didn’t launch a graphical display only the text scrolling thru the terminal. Am sure I am missing something, went thru the online manual but dont really see anything about linux or raspberry use, more of windows use…Doesn’t seem to launch the way it does in Windows10…Any ideas where to look? I was expecting to see a graphical screen with data

consolewd is just command line/text. If you’re using the Pi with a GUI then there’s a graphical interface called wdpi in the consolewdfiles directory. That displays the data that consolewd is collecting in the background. I run in command line mode so I don’t know what wdpi looks like or what it displays.

just go
sudo ./wdpi
to run that

it does mention that in the readme.txt

thanks chris, that did it