Weather Station Trial - Not getting an data form Station

Hi All,

I am setting up a Station on a Windows 98 PC - With a WM-918 Unit.

I have installed the software but i am not getting an data from the unit - i haven’t register the program yet - Do i need to register before the software will display data from the unit.

Any other tips for setup — I am getting Timeout errors when connecting to my FTP site also with Error 10600

Any help would be much appreciated.


some things to check:
you have the correct com port, under setup, com port setup
it should say com port OK across the top of the program
and then the data recieved light should flash
adn check you dont have it in client mode, under setup, ftp/internet etup, client/server.

check the ftp server name is correct under setup, ftp/internet setup, connections
Hope that helps

Hi Windy,

Yeah i get the COMM ok Message along the top - i get a green light for quality - but no light for data recieved.
Does it need to be registered before it will work??/


hi, no it doesnt need to be registered

the no flashing light for data recieved can only mean 3 things:
1).you dont have the correct com port (sometimes windows allocated the com port numbers differently, so try another 1 or 2)
2). the serial cable is not correct (a mouse extension cable is that is needed)
3). the station is not sending data out…try plugging into AC power and not run on batteries maybe?

You have selected the weather station type from the menu, haven’t you?