Weather statements and forcasts

I am having a little problem setting up wd to download any weather statement, watches or warning from the NWS. I believe I followed the directions
for host name I have
for directory I have data/forcasts/state/il
for files to download I have forcasts/chicago.txt, plus several other files
I watched the program and every file it requested an error came back no file.
I am sure someone will look at this and see what I have done wrong.
you can respond to this post or email me at [email protected]
Thanks everyone! Gerry

Try this directory;


(note that there’s an “e” in forecast)

This is where the city forecasts such as chicago.txt decatur.txt are located. I don’t think you need forecasts/ in front of the filename.

I tried the above listed and still get an error message file or directory not found. I tried to change a few different things and still have the same problem. Thanks Gerry

There must be some error in what you have set up. I emailed you a screen print of an ftp session to the directory showing the path and the files, maybe it will help. This is the chicago.txt I found there.

FPUS43 KLOT 150904

City Forecast for Chicago, IL
Issued Tuesday morning - Jul 15, 2003

.Tuesday… Partly cloudy, high 85, 40% chance of precipitation.
.Tuesday night… Low 62, 10% chance of precipitation.
.Wednesday… Sunny, high 81, 20% chance of precipitation.
.Wednesday night… Low 61.
.Thursday… High 83.