Weather EX

What is problem? :roll:

what did you enter as the country and city in the search

it looks like you have tried to use
but that will not work
its not designed at this stage to work with personal WU stations on WU, but instead it works with your nearest city

but I will do an update with option to select that its a PWS station

Ok. Thanks

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it will take a few days for it to become available in the windows store
this update of WD allows you to tick that its a pws station now :
for the weather exchange built into WD (see under view)


but the update is not available yet
so not sure what you are trying to tell me?
the update should be available in the next 24 hours
with the update you can tick that its a pws station, and so after it has been found, tick that setting, then click on the station found in the list

there is a new update available now

Now working, we still need auto refresh and live tile option… :wink:

not sure what a live tile option is or is refering to?

When I place a tile on the start menu it must show the current temperature

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who says it must do?

I think you mean it would be a nice feature if it did
I will look into to see if it is feasible for me to get that to work

Maybe you should show at least a bit of appreciation. Brian is trying to help you here and instead you are asking for more and more in a rather arrogant way. Remember that such attitude will only make a developer less likely to be willing to add something.

This application has no autorefresh option and as such is not full functional. I bought this application, so I think I have the right to suggest. I’m sorry if I offended someone, I did not intend. I am not a professor of English, so sometimes I may be wrong.

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I have looked into live tiles
that needs to be integrated by winRT service headers
which I can not support directly at this stage
but a live tile can be updated via a web site pushing the data, so there are ways, but that still would not work in this case

I will add a auto update function for the next update

Thanks Brian! : :slight_smile:

the update with auto update is ready to update to
this is just an update 8O

I’m sorry, it does not work :roll: v1.7

I have tested here and it auto updates every 5 minutes OK