Weather-Display weather data NOT Current

I have noticed that my station stopped recording rain; it has been raining a lot today. I have checked the rain gauge, and it looks okay, but when I look at the station status, I see that the data is not current.
" Weather-Display weather data NOT Current 10:01:22".
I don’t know if the two are connected, but any help would be most appreciated.
Station: Davis VP2

It sounds like they are connected.

  1. Do you have your Davis console set up and is that recording the rain correctly?
  2. Have you tried restarting WD and/or your WD PC?
  3. Can you check that the IP address that WD is using for your Davis connection is correct?

Thanks, I just noticed the " Low battery on station" notice. I will replace the battery and see if it resolves the issue

Problem solved. Thank you.

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I assume it was the battery that caused it?

Sometimes we fail to notice the obvious. :slight_smile: