Weather Display V10.37S150 Freezing

I have been trying to resolve some issues with WD, I am running it on Win 11Pro 64b. with 32gb ram and I’ve tried reinstalling it to see if that helps. Basically once its connected to my Ecowitt device, the whole program UI becomes unresponsive, although the data is being FTP’d etc. when I mouse over the window, all i get is the rotating blue “Thinking” animation. If I use task manager to kill the app. then restart it the same thing happens again. I am at my wits end with this issue any ideas?

What Ecowitt devices do you have?


I had the same problem until I finally took some good advise and backed way off on sending update files to the server. I had way too many updates every minute. Try setting all of it to 10 minutes and work from there. WD was much happier after I did that.