Weather Display temperature is reading about 10° degrees high

Weather Display temperature is reading about 10° degrees high. The Davis VP2 console is correct. The Weather Display console on the desktop is correct and the right click Large Display is correct. The Large Display sent to the server is 10° high and so is temppanel.gif and testtags.php. The wind chill on the Large Display sent to the server is correct and with no wind is current temperature. I’m trying to avoid rebuilding Weather-Display from scratch.

Add that clientraw.txt is correct. Data sent to WU and others has the correct temperature.

What could be causing this?


Weather Display v 10.37S Build 150
Widows 10 Pro
Quad Core 20 GB RAM

Very strange. I keep re-reading your post and it makes no sense to me. The only thing I can think of that might cause your issues is if WD “thinks” you have multiple sensors and is using them instead of the “real” sensors.

a link to web page would help plus screen shots of the offending files although i suspect the web server has old files are the files in the webfiles folder in WD correct or wrong

Screen Shots:

location of LargeDisplay

RRF Weather Live
WDLive has the correct temperature but also shows 48.2° F as the high tempeature which is not correct it shows what Big Display shows. The Wind chill on Big Display is the correct Temp.

Rail Road Flat Weather - Home
Saratoga template shows correct temp but may start with the high temp then flip.
It also shows incorrect high temp.

On your screen shots it looks like the Large Display is showing the Maximum Temp rather than current temp.

It hasn’t been 48° F here in the past three days, was snowing last night and it’s 3 PM and 38°.
Something is stuck somewhere. I’ve gone over and over the settings and can’t find anything that looks wrong.

The temperature on the large display and the current conditions display are the same as I typed this reply, but the current temperature is also the maximum for the day. It will be interesting to see whether the large display ‘sticks’ at the maximum for the day once it’s peaked. It just strikes me as odd that the temperature on Large Display always seems to be the maximum temperature for the day.

I don’t think you can change the values on that display, but perhaps something in your configuration has become corrupt and it’s now displaying the maximum temperature rather than the current temp?

If nobody is able to answer this, perhaps you can try contacting @windy2 by email to see if he knows why this is happening.

Should you find a solution please consider updating this thread. I am curious to know what you find.

I ordered a 250 GB SSD and plan to clone and replace the disk of the Weather Display computer, rename C:\wdisplay and reinstall a clean wdisplay32_v10.37Sb150.exe, replace the datafiles and logfiles with the old (webfiles live in C:\Apache24\htdocs\weather) and rebuild Weather Display.

I don’t have enough information to install a second copy of WD. I don’t know what happens to the registry or how to replace broken with the fixed. I have had a few exchanges with Brian on this and all I have to work with is "install WD to a new directory (full install) then create a file called 2wd.txt there "

Always thought you had to create the empty 2wd.txt file before installing: Installing multiple instances of WD on your computer

Thanks for the link(s)

All this for a temperature reading? I mean, you could use the 2wd.txt idea to trouble shoot the problem without installing a new harddrive. Do you think the harddrive is the problem? Sorry, I don’t understand the logic behind the direction you’re taking here.

Has nothing to do with the hard drive other than if I mess things up trying a reinstall I won’t loose any ground.

One question I didn’t find following the 2ws.txt route links is the Davis data logger. Seems to me it can serve only one instance of wdisplay (it’s either wdisplay or weatherlink not both). Be that the case I’d rather clone the disk and and try to fix the current setup.

My web files are in the htdocs of a local Apache/PHP server. Serves the LAN but more important are the work files for Dreamweaver across the LAN for creating/editing pages and I can see the results of PHP files locally. This is a holdover from the Oregan/VWS days when I was serving the station from home with a fixed IP address. WD FTP’s the files from the webfiles to the ISP server which is a mirror of my work files. Isn’t clear to me how I would set up a 2wd.txt copy of WD and then transfer that into the existing (broken) system.

Using this method you can create a 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) instance of WD on the same computer. You must follow the directions exactly.

The main advantage is you can run multiple instances of WD on the same computer. A side effect is you can use this method to troubleshoot a current install of WD to find out if the cause is the WD settings or something else causing the problem. You wouldn’t run both at the same time but rather compare files manually after you verify if the problem exists in both instances.

FWIW, I run WD and WeatherLink on the same computer using VSPE (Virtual Serial Port Emulator).

“I see what is wrong in your settings
you have set to use the data from a downloaded metar
see attached screen shot,
unset that”

Thank you Brian