Weather Display stopped processing data

After doing an exit & save, so I could run up Weatherlink briefly, Weather Display is failing to restart fully.

It restarts to the point where them main screen is displayed, it collects missing data from the logger, then it just sits there with the Data Received indicator blinking but the Data Quality indicator blank with an occasional flash red. No values populate the screen, nothing updates and the WU Rapidfire upload program does not get started. It looks like data is being received but not processed correctly, or at all.

The logger is going OK as tested by firing up Weatherlink again and it all working fine.

I completely uninstalled WD and re-installed the latest version (10.37R b03), but it made no difference. Running on XP SP3.

I noted that when I uninstalled WD quite a few files were left behind so I am suspecting one of them has been corrupted and WD is still trying to use it when it starts. But I have no idea which one it would be.



I renamed the WD directory then did another complete download and install.

It is working again but my screen formats have, as expected, all gone.

Strangely, while the formats have gone, the page layout, including the custom tags I had added, are still there. They must be stored somewhere completely outside the main directory structure.

Now to work out how to recover my data from the old directory.


some settings are stored in the registry
otherwise they are stored in the settings file wdisplay.ini
where WD is installed

try bringing that setting file back after deleting it (did you back it up?)

No I hadn’t but I will. Is that the file liekly to contain the setting tha was stopping the program processing incoming data?

That is the file I would really like to make sure I have backed up.