Weather display seems to be hanging

My WD setup operates perfectly for a short time, and then it does not update after a short period of time. The program itself is still responsive

The graphs on the WD Display do not update, PWS displays offline. If I reboot WD it will work again for a short time. The WD Display says data received is current all the time.

I had rollover issues earlier in the year, and I think during my updates of PWS and WD I introduced a bug, or a setting change. Reinstalled a current registry backup also.

I have reinstalled WD several time, PWS is up to date. The FTP log file does not show any errors, it just stops.

Any suggestions where to look?

To me this suggests a coms issue between the console and pc running WD this will stop your PWS from updating
Which station Vue or VP2 is actually linked to the pc and how is it linked serial, usb, serial usb or IP
Which version of WD are you on and what OS are you using
What shows at top of main screen when it stops

Yes everything is offline at the moment

The top of the main screen is normal.
W10, Vantage Vue via VP2 Console, Vers. 10.37S151
Data received indicator is flashing green.
Connected via Serial USB for 15 years fine.
The main screen WD graphs are not updating but the data displayed is current.

The program responds to user input. Using “Update Internet Now” will update PWS but just one time, then the program stops publishing after a period of time.

Ive been using WD for over 25 years, never seen a problem like this.

Seems to running fine now. I double checked every switch in the program, seems ok, I’ll backup the settings if it runs for 48 hrs.

My site has had several iterations and I’m turning off some old ftp functions, to try and run as cleanly as possible.

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