Weather Display - My 2 cents


A quick update on my LaCrosse WS2010 system.

After the work you have done on WD and The work I have done on my hardware, some of which is based on suggestions from you and from this forum, I am pleased to advise you that WD is running better than it ever has for me.

The most important items I think have contributed to this are:-

Dumping Windows 98SE for Windows 2000 Professional.

Buying a 15 ft Serial extension cable to move the wireless receiver away from my computer system to a position where it is less affected by the electro-magnetic interferences from the computer, monitor, printer etc. etc.

Your efforts in addressing bug reports and giving advice.

The general input and advice from this discussion group.

Not necessarily in that order.

What you did with WD in configuring it for so many Weather Station makes and types along with all the variety of harware, software and OS’s out there is nothing less than remarkable. I have seen the complaints and moans recently on this news group. Yes it is annoying when something goes wrong or doesn’t work as it should. Yes these can be from changes and bug you may have inadvertently introduced yourself. But I also concur with what Aardvark noted in another recent thread. Some of these issues are due to ourselves, our misunderstanding of how WD works and a lot of the time through impatience and wildly setting too many parameter at one time.

I believe WD can take several weeks, maybe a month to get running properly. Setting a parameter or threee, maybe ten and then waiting to see what happens in the next 24 hours. If a month end occurs at the same time… Well all the regulars know the story…

The new online help will assist many, but not many people know the direct address to get this. If it is accessed from the WD web site, then it is annoying to keep having the browser frame updating to show German advertising. You then have to reverse through so many pages to get back to the page YOU last accessed it becomes a problem for some (inc. me). Maybe a link to the online help directly from Weather-Watch would be better for some.

Anyway. I’ll stop waffling on and just say…

Brian, Thank You. It’s inevitable that with something that is successful, you will get complaints. If you carry on you will get them. If you stop development you will get them.

I think I know how you must feel. This thing that started as a hobby, a passtime or just a passing interest has now become a monster.

Bob :slight_smile:

I have listed this under the Bug Report Forum deliberately.

I must agree. I have found that most of the problems that I have had with WD have been my own fault.

Brian has always cheerfully helped me through these, and has never called me the dummy that he deserves to call me.

A big thanks to Brian and everyone on the forum for helping me when it is needed.

I have WD running quite well right now. The comments about changing settings here and there is so true.

I am not sure how Brian gets all of this accomplished. My wife nags at me for sitting here playing with the weather station and software.