Weather Display Live for the iPhone and Android


I have created a web application for the iPhone and Android. The application has the look and feel of a native iPhone program and displays the contents of the clientraw files in text and in graphs.
The best experience is on an iPhone or iPod.
Android works equally well, but I am not sure whether the application can be run from the springboard.

Surf to for more information and screenshots.

Latest version is 1.3

Demo english:
Demo dutch:

If you have created a translation, I will happily incorporate it in iWDL; currently supported: cz dk de el en fi fr hu it nl no pt se sp


  • download the latest file
  • unpack on your website, it will unpack in a directory called iwdl
  • in that directory, rename iwdl_settings.js.sample to iwdl_settings.js
    [li]edit iwdl_settings.js and at least change the setting for “clientraw_dir” - set it to the directory where the clientraw files reside.
    Please note, it is the directory you would have to type into your browser to view the clientraw.txt file. For example, assume the clientraw.txt can be found here:
    Then the directory part is /wdl2 and that should be put in the setting for “clientraw_dir”.
    Also note that clientraw_dir cannot be empty; if you want it to be the current directory, than use e.g. “.”.[/li]
  • Surf with your phone to your newly created iwdl directory, e.g.
  • The theme can be changed by editing index.html and change the theme setting to apple (lwhite+blue) or jqt (black).

To get a real iPhone application experience, create an icon for iWDL on your springboard (I don’t know about Android).
This is how to do it:

  • Surf with Safari to your iwdl installation
  • Tap the + - sign in the bottom toolbar of Safari
  • Choose 2nd option (put on home screen)
  • Give it a name of your liking (or leave it at iWDL)

When done, there is an icon on your springboard; tapping it makes it feel like a native iPhone app.

On the to-do list:

  • Use icons to show current weather conditions

[i][b]If you like my software, feel free to donate; there is a link near the bottom of[/b][/i]



Wind Direction is fixed (and fyi my Map now works); however when you pull up the Wind Direction graphs it still shows degrees and not “abbr” values.

Your support is awesome!!!

Suggestion for the future development:
As Julian has in WDL when temp is below 17 degrees C (approx 62.6 degrees F) “Heat Index” swaps with “Wind Chill” (and it’s a setting that can be turn on and off “1”). As I live in Florida and we normally don’t have a Wind Chill, other than these last few weeks. It wold be great if you could just do an “if” using the current temp to display either “Wind Chill” or “Heat Index” field and value.

why is it a picture at startup (see attached picture)?
I changed the name of the file, which it says that you should do.
Clicking “OK” in the picture, then starts all right.
What am I doing wrong?
Here is my iwdl

Greetings Bertil


Your settings file says:

settings[“clientraw_dir”] = “”;

It is not meant to be an empty string; if you want the current directory, please try ./


Thanks for your help,
tested with. / as you mentioned - did not work.
When I tried to … / so it worked as it should.
(I have my clientraw file in the root directory, so where was the error).

Once again thanks for your help

Thanks vogon for your great job.

Could we use clientrawextra fields in iwdl?


Both items are on the to-do list.
Also, I will work on forecasts (most likely using xml), and work on daily/monthly/yearly/alltime records (clientrawextra fields).



I posted a couple of questions in the old thread before yoy switched to this. I’m not sure if you noticed it before you switched, therefore I post it again. Hope that’s OK?

  • You have started using the station name as a header to the screens. Mine seems to be to long. What is the maximum length? You can check it at
  • In the Setup-screen you use “abbr” for one of the choises. Would it be possible for you to put that in the language file for a future version?

I will make an override in the settings file for the station name; otherwise, just try a shorter name till it fits :).
For abbr, i’d like a language-independent designation. Ideas are welcome.


Hi Sietse

Got the newest version working - its sooo cool. Great work!

I have made some changes to the Danish language file - attached here (renamed to .txt)


Best regards,


iwdl_lang_dk.txt (7.08 KB)

A possibility to override will be fine. I know that I can shorten the name, but I would like to keep it as it is for use on regular Internet pages.

I have no suggestion there, but if you don’t find one, I hope that you will include it in the language file.

Great app that i downloaded today.
However got a problem with the map as it shows the wrong location.

I’m in sheffield not Nottingham any ideas ??

That is wat Google tells me…
I am planning on making an override in the settings file.



I too like the idea of a “Weather Station Location” override in settings… We live in Lake Mary, FL; however Google shows it to be Sanford, FL.

How’s it going with automatic swap for “Wind Chill” to “Heat Index” (cr_fieldnames[112] with cr_fieldnames[ 44]), and fixing the “abbr” values on Wind Direction Graphs?

It’s starting to finally warm up here in Florida and I might not be able to test for you if it gets above 17 degrees C :lol:

Have you given any thought to adding a Radar screen?
I would recommend it be based on WU (WeatherUnderground) and an option in settings?

Really nice! Thanks for sharing. Would love to be able to have local and regional radar and NWS forecast.

I’ve got forecast working based on xml files. It was not easy, but it works in development.
Next release will contain this, with station/location overrides.

Not sure about radar, unless there is a world wide service I can use, I am trying to keep the app generic.


Hi Sietse

Would it be possible to implement WXSIM forecast (plaintext-parser.php) - see here:


On my mobile page - I presents the icons from plaintext-parser:

Best regards,


I will support as a general forecast.
My goal is still to make the software such that it only needs static pages on the server - no php, asp or whatever required.

To support local weather forecasts, I will make an option to replace the forecast with your own forecast page.



Version 0.8 is available. Changes:

  • forecasts (by or specify your own url)
  • station name / location override
  • radar support (you will have to provide a url)
  • webcam support (you will have to provide a url)
  • a bit of color

Check out the demo at

Especially, forecasts by was very hard. It is not possible to directly load a file from a remote site, so I had to do some trickery including JSONP and Yahoo YQL. But it works - still no php or asp required.

A lot of settings have been added; if you are upgrading to make sure to include the following settings into your current iwdl_settings.js (of course with your configuration):

// Station name override; iWDL normally uses the station name from the clientraw.txt.
// In case you want another name to show up in the top bar, remove // in the following line:
// settings["station_name"] = "Utrecht";

// Location name override; iWDL normally uses the coordinates from clientraw.txt.
// In case you want another location to show up in the map screen, remove // in the following line:
// settings["location"] = "Utrecht, NL";

// Forecast; possible types:
//   -- get forecast from
// url     -- provide your own forecast
settings["forecast"] = "";

// Where to get the forecast; go to, find the forecast for your location
// and fill in the last part of the url like below (country/county/city).
settings[""] = "Nederland/Utrecht/Utrecht";

// When 'forcast' set to 'url', fill in the url (it will be shown in an iframe).
// NOTE: You are responsible for a readable iphone page!
// The forecast_from field is shown at the bottom of the forecast screen
settings["forecast_url"] = "";
settings["forecast_from"] = "Silkeborg";

// If you have radar data, uncomment and set the url in the next line; it is shown in an iframe
// settings["radar"] = "";

// If you have a webcam, uncomment and set  the url the next line; it is shown in an iframe
// settings["webcam"] = "";

You are advised not to overwrite your current iWDL, but test it somewhere else; then upgrade.
In case of problems, I am sure you will let me know.



Hi Sietse

WOW - so many new features. I have it installed and running without any problems here:

Thank you very much.

Best regards,