Weather Display Keeps Going Offline

I have been having a problem for a couple months. WD goes offline randomly. I don’t know if it is WD or my Davis Vantage Pro02 Plus weather station. I just don’t know what to do. Has anyone had this problem? Attached is is screen capture from today.

I’m on Windows 10, Davis Vantage Pro2 and WD 10.37S Build 120.

If it is the scenario where only some sensors, looks to be your wind speed and wind direction, flatlines but WD remains working where all other sensors are reading correctly, then yes I had this quite a long time ago. When I had this issue it wasn’t WD, i.e. its still recording the other sensors. I seem to recall it was a problem I only had with the WeatherLink USB interface, not serial which I use most the time, and, my (poor) memory kind of recalls the problem with an old version of the Silicon Labs USB driver - possibly the memory leak issue with that driver.

Therefore check in your Device Manager that you have the latest USB driver. Hope that helps.

Still not sure what I need to do to solve my problem.

I would check your Windows USB driver is the latest SiliconLabs driver to that available at

Maybe need a new battery, looks like outdoor sensors dead at night while indoor sensors are ok. Just guessing, hard to read the screen shot you posted…

Here’s a better photo, maybe?

A battery is an easy thing to try…let us know if it works for you or not…

Guess I’m stupid, but I cannot find in the Vantage Pro2 user manual where the battery is and how you replace it. Could you help me on this? Thanks.

From the Davis ISS manual

Thanks. I’m going to replace the battery as soon as my son comes over to do it. I had hip replacement 6 weeks ago and don’t want to climb a ladder.

The battery was very low and I replaced it with a new one. Now I don’t get any updates. Why is this?

I just had to be patient. After awhile everything worked! Thanks for all your help.

Glad I could help…