Weather display freeze

Hi to you all
I have a problem for a long time
My weather display freeze on 0 sec for 14-45sec every min
I have discovered if I empty the folder Logfiles it will by works beter
Now only freeze for 8 sec but if there are more file into this folder the freeze time go up
After 1 day go up to 10 sec 2 days 12 sec enz…… 1 mound 45sec freeze
I have Ver 10.37s114 I know if I update it will not work have try this for 1 year now
Maybe I have a error some ware but I do not know ware to look
I run into weather display also 1 wire and I have also WXSim (windows 10)
Hope someone knows what to do

if a software has to read lines in a log file then the more lines in that file the longer it will take
but WD does not normally read in lines in a logfile, in the logfiles folder
what weather station type? (that info should always be provided)

hi Brian
sorry the weather station is Davis pro2
I know that WXsim read that file but I have also test it with WXSim off
so I realy don’t know the problem
I can also do delete WD and start all over is this a good option?

greetings Gert

you could email me your settings files so I can check/test here

i have sent you the files hope you will find the error
thanks for help
greetings Gert

i have your settings file
i dont see anything obvious
what speed pc/ spec ?
.zip and email me your logfiles
122020lg.txt and 122020lg2.txt

i do see that you have set to have a file wxlocal3.html updated every minute in the ftp settings (customise internet and file creation setup)
you could test if that is the problem

Hi Brian
You hit the jackpot
I have disable the wxlocal3.html file and no more freeze :wink:
Nice that you have find it so fast … I have look for a long time
Thanks for help
Greetings Gert
AMD A* 5500 APU 3.20Ghz
8GB Ram
windows 10 Pro N

good! :smiley:
merry xmas :slight_smile:
ps email me that file…

I have had this issue for as long as I can remember to be honest, but have just put up with it believing its just the amount of stuff that WD is doing every minute. However, I’m sure there is something specific that I need to address to stop this every minute WD freeze’. The ‘freeze’ lasts from around 18seconds to sometimes in excess of 25 seconds.

If I set the ‘Internet and File Creation’ main off, the freeze lasts around 4 seconds. When I switch that back on, the freeze goes to around 10 to 14seconds, and then when my 3rd party webcam software(i-spy) is running, the freeze goes upwards to around 22 to 25 seconds. I have noticed that if the ‘Internet and File Creation’ override setting is set to ‘off’, the freeze is goes to around 10 seconds. I have always had the override set to ‘on’, but I cannot remember what that setting is actually for ?



That’s 8 seconds for me, as long as I can remember. (10 years)
Just wondering if this is a common “problem”.
Are there members here that don’t have this freezing up at xx:00 seconds.

I have the same behaviour, but with my station (Campbell) its about 2 seconds.
I dont have a website to upload data to which make it probably more slow…
I noticed when i had enabled the screenshot capture it took ages.
Weatherdisplay did make a check in the software so i dont loose data during the minute change, which is great. :smiley:
I dont know if with Davis or other stations it is missing data because of the delay…?
I dont know if Davis or other station owners are able to check that during the minute change?

With the kindest regards.

it looks like via your other post that you have a lot of wxlocal.html → wx.html custom web page conversions set to be created
which all take time
you can spread them out…the create times…

Hi Brian,

But I don’t have a lot of wxlocal.html set up. I have only 3 or 4 (I’m not at my main PC at the moment so I can see exactly how many), and they are staggered…


Here a little update
I have test more options
I have disable the #24 into (customise internet and file creation setup)
Now no more freeze each 1 min only now I have each 5 min a freeze from 90sec ?? puffff
I have look for the problem I disable the customise internet and file creation setup and now all ok ?
Look for the problem again and I fond it
Into webFiles / web Page Real time FTP/WDL I click Custom webpage setup and delete all lines into it ( into the block special file Conversion) now the customise internet and file creation setup back ON and no more freeze from 0 till 60min only a little one from 1-2 sec that’s no problem
Hope this will help someone with the same problem
Greetings Gert and thanks to Brian for helping

I have finally found what appears to have been my issue…and I am annoyed I didn’t spot this before now.

On the Customise Internet & File Creation Set up, under Setup Page #1 tab, the tickbox 'Use the each minute setting (‘time override’) was ticked. See attached.

My every minute freeze is now down to 7 to 8 seconds, which I can live with even though i would expect a PC with 16gb of ram to be able to process the file creations and updates better. I will see if I can get it lower, but not sure there is anything else left that I can unset to achieve that.



for test do you have also something into Custom webpage setup on ?
like this below
( into webFiles / web Page Real time FTP/WDL I click Custom webpage setup and delete all lines into it ( into the block special file Conversion) now the customise internet and file creation setup back ON and no more freeze from 0 till 60min only a little one from 1-2 sec )


I did have the testtags.txt / testtags.php combo in there assuming I needed them, but from initial observations, it seems that I don’t as all m pages seem to be updating as I expected. But will keep an eye on my website.
‘Freeze’ now down to 4 seconds every minute


the testtags gets its real time data from the clientraw.txt file
there is a lot of custom tags in the testtags
and so it takes a bit to process them all
it does not need to be updated every minute
every 10 minutes is sufficient

I have pointed this out many times on the forum before :smiley: :wink: