Weather Display and Home Assistant

Weather Display and Home Assistant Smart Home software play very well together and easily. Once you take the Home Assistant leap it’s as simple as just adding the MQTT integration to Home Assistant and configuring WD to point to it (under “setup”, then “advanced/misc settings”. I use it for specific data fields (wind gusts, temperature, rain and the ISS battery status). You could go as crazy as you would like but these are just the entities I needed for my automations. Bottom line is this functionality is very easy to setup and get working. The connections are rock solid and just work.

Home assistant can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning so my advice would be to play around with home assistant and get some standalone automations going with some light switches or plugs to start for example. I warn you in advance that the whole home assistant thing will become addictive :slight_smile:
For what it’s worth….

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