Weather Display 10.37 b44 hanging PC


Due to problems with WD hanging the X64 PC I had WD installed on, I reinstalled it this morning on my X86 Tower, running Windows 7.
I regret to say that it also hangs my X86 tower.

Has anyone else had problems with this, or a work-around?

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Have you tried the latest build, build 46?
Has anything else been updated on the PC that could be conflicting with WD?
At what point does it “hang”, on start up, initial data download, starting WDFTP…?

I’ve run both builds on a 32bit W7 PC and have no issues.


do you have a Davis USB data logger?

Hello Martin,

I carried out a fresh install on my Windows 7 32bit this morning. It has hung the PC four times since about 11am… There’s been nothing else updated, nor any other programs running.

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Hello Brian,

Yes, I do. It’s been set up as a serial port though…

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Doesn’t matter, it may still be the cause of the lock up. Have you tried the usual usb logger fixes, better cable etc?

As Niko says, there are a few things to try for lockups caused by the USB datalogger.

  1. Better cable
  2. Better cable with ferrite chocks at each end
  3. Updated USB driver (do a search for the link)
  4. Check that the USB power save facilities have been switched off (W7 have them in two places, one in the main setup and one deeper in the OS).

Morning Budgie and Niko,

Thanks for your suggestions / help.
I haven’t tried alternative cables yet, if you don’t mind my asking, where (and what specific type of cable) should I be looking for?

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A standard, good quality, USB cable with at least one ferrite choke on it will do.
Something thicker than the one that comes with the Davis. :wink:

If it’s the normal USB lockups then these are caused by electrical interference so you want to either remove the source or protect the cable. The cable supplied by Davis isn’t exactly “top of the line” so getting a better quality, better protected one is, sometimes, all you need. Routing the cable away from the likes of power cables, phone cables or wireless phones will also help.

Here’s the link for the USB to UART drivers:
Get these updated as well as these also help. :wink:


Hello Martin,

Thanks for the advice. Just downloading the drivers now…

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Hello again,

I decided to take a break from WD and WDL for a few days, and ran Cumulus. This had no problems at all, my PC ran happily all the while.
I was, however, missing the fluidity of WDL (and the fact that I can view it on my Desire HD mobile phone!).

Today I downloaded the latest version of Weather Display, and performed a clean install (to my desktop, as for some reason I’m getting access violation errors when installed to c:/wdisplay)… I digress.

All seemed to be going well, but after about 4 hours, Yes, the dreaded PC-Hanging situation arose again.
It simply cannot be the lead used from the Datalogger to the PC, nor the drivers, surely, as Cumulus ran flawlessly?.

Any other further ideas would be appreciated :).

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I replied to your other post…

Yes it can, Cumulus and WD access the data differently.