Weather Dial Screen – Outdoor Temperature with a mind of its own

I have re-sized (made wider to increase font size) and moved the three temperature scales on the Weather Dials window. After doing this I have gone into setup and saved the changes.

When I close that window and re-open it, everything is as I have set it. However, if I shut down Weather Display completely, after I start it up again the outside temperature scale has resized itself back to the original size and moved back to the original location. The other two temperature scales remain as I set them.

It appears that the outside temperature scale is not having the new settings saved for it.


scale or dial?
could you post a screen shot so I can see what you are refering to?

It is one that looks like a thermometer.

WeatherDials1 is as I saved it
WeatherDials2 is after restarting WD. Note the outdoor temperature ‘thermometer’ on the left hand side has moved up and got tall an skinny with a much reduced font size.

I have also just noticed that the cloud base reading to the left of the coud base graphic has moved itself on to top of the cloud graphic after the restart. I have also just repeated the move/save/restart WD sequence for the cloud base reading, with the same result.




use a new .zip update to fix the problem with that thermometer
(I had not noticed that problem, as most people use the dial option instead)
I am not sure what you are meaning about the cloud height (the screen shots are very blurred)

Thanks, I imagine regression testing must be something of a nightmare with such a complicated product.

To the left of the cloud level/cloud base graphic is a small figure giving (I believe) the actual cloud base level. It can be seen as a small black smudge at the lower left of the main cloud height graphic in the WeatherDials1 picture.

After a WD restart the figure is overlayed over the cloud height graphic itself and connot be read. You will notice it the WeatherDials2 picture that the small black smudge pointed out in the other picture has vanished.

If still necessary by then, I will do a more zoomed in view of that area tonight.


ah, gotcha
fixed in another new .zip update
(you will have to re position and save again)