Weather Database Program

Any information on this program would be helpful. Benefits, etc?

Do you mean WDMySQL? If so it’s a way of getting a record of your local weather into a MySQL database for later processing. The database can be on either a local machine or one out on the Internet (perhaps your web service allows you to have a MySQL database with remote data uploads?). The benefit of having the data in a database is that you can use the data to plot your own graphs rather than just (the extensive set!) provided by WD, do trending calculations on the data, generate monthly, quarterly, six-monthly averages, compare data with the same day last week, month, year. You could even create a dynamic web site where the user can choose the data to be plotted and the period to plot for and it will build them a custom graph. You can pull individual data out into other web pages on your site.

The list if probably endless and only limited by your own ingenuity, creativity and maybe availability of tools to help you if you’re not a MySQL expert.

I hope you did mean WDMySQL!

what i meant was New: Weather Display database program
(see the readmedatabase.txt file for instructions).
Version on 6. January 2005 - 21:13:29 hr

Larry the database program does much the same as mysql but using a different database. Basically either allows you to save much of the WD information in a database for use later and thats all. You can use this database to create tables, graphs and just about anyting else you can imagine, but all this is up to you. The database or mysql simply act as a data repository.

I have tried both and decided to use mysql as it has (I think) much better prospects for manipulation of the data when I eventually get round to it. For example you could use it to allow people on your weather website to ask for historical data for example, or ask for a graph of local rain or windspeed over a specific time period.

The database version is the easiest to play with first rather than mysql because it does not require a server to save the data amd manage the database. You should have everything you need on any standard Windows install for this one.

thank you. I understand. :smiley: