WDL will not start anymore

I am a new user off WD and WDL.
My WD is running OK with all his data and is registered.
I am trying to get WDL running yet but i am not so far yet.
My PC was running with WD and yesterday Windows XP home has downloaded his update files automatic.
The PC was auto restarted as well WD.( running normally)
Now i have the following problem, when i try to start WDL is see the screen WDL configuration and the second screen then both screens dissapear and i have only the program button on the taskbar.
He will not open when i click on it.
When I look in the taskmanager the program is running.
What is the problem and what can I do to solve this?

My system is Windows XP home, Ventus PRO with Weatherlink IP, WD and WDL.

It may be a corruption of your profile. Have a look at this thread in the bug tracker which should help




Thanks for your suggestion, I think this is the same problem.
Try it this evening.

So this evening I have tryed to repair or rename the files in the WDL.
This gives no result.
I have make a backup from my own files and have uninstalled WDL
and remove all directery`s from WDL.
Next reinstalled WDL and everything is working again.