WDL - my own creation

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, good or terrible I leave you to decide but it’s my own unique effort :wink:


BTW this is just a frame used elsewhere so there’s no navigation. Should you desire to see the whole site goto http://www.tonbridge-weather.org.uk/

I think you broke it, it wont load m8

Yeah, it actually crashed IE7 on me!

it cant find the xml…

Weird, the XML file is there (see http://www.tonbridge-weather.org.uk/wdl/wdlconfig_live.xml ) and it works just fine through my browser on two different computers. :?

I had a session time out because I left it open, otherwise no problem…

Can anyone else see it? It uses v5.04

Its fine in IE but not in firefox… i get The wdlconfig.xml file could not be found. in firefox

Dave you have http://www.tonbridge-weather.org.uk/wdl/wdlconfig_live in the embed statemnet instead of http://www.tonbridge-weather.org.uk/wdl/wdlconfig_live.xml which is why FF does not work I think…


Cheers Stuart, I just noticed it myself and uploaded a corrected version. I’ve tried it in Firefox but it keeps using a cached version with the wrong link :x. be grateful if anyone confirms it works and looks OK in IE and Firefox…if not will have to go back to one of the standard ones…

Working in FF now, nice one :slight_smile:

Hold down Shift button then refresh at the same time :wink:

Works for me as well now…


Works for me now too!

Phew, good news after spending so long working on it last night! Thanks for your forebearance :slight_smile: