Wdl hyperlink


Just wanted to know is it possible to have a hyperlink for wdlive from the wd main webpage which was created by wd ,if so how can it be done

In the webfiles folder you’ll find some .txt files named Datahtm0.txt, Datahtm1.txt, Datahtm2.txt and Datahtm3.txt These are the templates the WD uses to create your web page.

You can add your hyperlinks, or other bits of fancy html coding to all except Datahtm1.txt.

Remeber that if you change Datahtm0.txt or Datahtm2.txt to tick the option to manage these files in the Setup - Control Panel - Webfile / Page Setup sheet.

It is amazing what you can do in there :smiley:


I managed to put in a basic link with hotdog,thanks i will check it out anyway