Wdisplay.ini /registry file size

Just noticed that the size of these files produced by 10.17f are about twice as large as about 6 versions ago.

The new files I’m looking at were created by the backup option.

Does that make sense?

What doubles the size?

not sure about the wdispplay.ini (mine is only 36k)
but for the registry entry, i now have the rolling windspeed data for the clientraw file (used by the SVG real time) being saved, when it was not earlier

Well, I’m getting conflicting sizes from “properties” for file.

Old .ini file was about 11K with a statement of 32,768 bytes used.
New .ini file is about 24.7K with the same statement about bytes used.

.reg file shows same split personality with 17K size and 32,768 bytes used.

I gather the 32K figure is the size computed from the number of sectors while the first number is the actual file size.

So the question still is what made .ini file expand to 24.7K? Could it be that the newer version is appending the old and new .ini info rather than replacing it?

Is there a slot for every parameter of interest in the .ini file or does it grow with more options selected? I can’t imagine I’ve changed that much stuff by simply loading new version of WD.

no , it wont append it
i dont know why you are seeing what you are seeing…