Wdisplay.ini gets hosed

Ever since I switched to the VP 2, WD is crashing at odd times. When it does, it somehow changes wdisplay.ini to a new file and I loose all my settings and history. I have to extract the last backup of wdisplay.ini in order to get them all back. This has only started happening since I got the VP2, my 1-wire station never had a hiccup.

I have a VP but that is not happening to me
when you say crash, of WD, is there any message?
try running the debug version and see if that reports anything
also is it a usb data logger?
if so then make sure to update to the latest silicon labs USB driver

I was wondering if your WD program was not running from C:\wdisplay\ location and perhaps you have two versions installed, one in C:\Program Files\wdisplay perhaps?


Heh, no, it’s been running in the same c:\wdisplay directory for 9 years now.

No, no message.
I’ll try the debug version.
Yes, it’s a USB, but I have a good USB cable with a choke on each end, and the drivers are what came with the data logger, 5.9.3 which are the latest I’ve found.

EDIT: I found a 6.1 driver and installed that. Also I changed to another USB cable. It’s shorter and has a choke on 1 end only.

OK Brian,
Have the debug version running for a couple of days now, and when I got up this morning I found WD had crashed again around 9am. I’m not sure WD actually DID anything when it crashed, no log files, etc.

There will be a weatherd.elf file or something in the Root of C:\

Post that to Brian. Or post the details here.

what do you have WD or the PC set to do at 9am?
anything jump out at you for that time?

The only thing the PC is set to do, between 6am and 12pm is back itself up to the server. However this is nothing new, it’s been doing that for about 3 years or so now. (and the backups are successful)
WD is not set to do anything during that time.
WD’s crash has been occurring at various odd times during the day, not during any particular time period.
This has got me bugged as everything was fine until I switched to a VP2.
I did order a serial weatherlink to see if that fixes the problem, however with only one com port I’ll need to add a comport card as I’m not too keen on using a usb to serial converter.

EDIT: No weatherd.elf file anywhere on the hard drive

While I can’t speak to its use with the Davis VP series, I’ve been using a usb to serial cable without issues here for the last 2 or three years to connect my Peet Ultimeter 2000 to my computer (Vista Home Premium/4 Gig ram).

Oh, I know they work. I use one as well on my notebook to connect to the machines at work. However, I just prefer not to have another driver loaded if I don’t need to.

Are you sure a card won’t need a driver?

Well, actually I got a bit ahead of myself on that. This motherboard has 1 com port on the back panel, and I need to get the optional rs232 connector that plugs into a connector on the motherboard, then turn on com2 in the bios. So no, in this case, no extra drivers are needed.

Now I’m getting really frustrated. Ambient screwed up my order for the serial weatherlink. They are trying to blame UPS for loosing it. WD crashed at midnight, then again a 9:00am today, and the debug version is NOT making any kind of a log or report, nor is WDwatch.exe seeming to do anything. I’m ready to toss this VP2 and go back to 100% 1-wire. I’m sure if I searched hard enough, I’d find a v3 1-wire for sale somewhere.

The serial weatherlink FINALLY arrived today. So now we’ll see what happens.

WDis still crashing, even after having switched to a serial weatherlink. When I came home from owrk this morning, I found WD had crashed at a couple minutes after midnight, during the daily reset. I restarted the computer and when I got up this afternoon I found the WD had crashed again at 8:30am. I’m really frustrated because the only thing that changed was going from a 1-wire to a VP2. In the 9 years I’ve used WD, I’ve never had a problem with seemingly random lockup like this. wdwatch does not do anything, the debug version does not do anything. Any ideas Brian?

I do not know why you are having this problem
you could try a test:
install WD to a new location
then create a file there called 5wd.txt
then start up WD there…it should start up like brand new, no settings

then setup to work with the VP

and then run that version for 24 hours
(you can append the logfile data create with this version to the original version location after the test and the convert that logfile to data file, to get your data updated)